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What can I learn

Are you doing everything right but not seeing results? Are you eating good but feel its not enough? Are you sick of not seeing results?


Lara has taken her nutrition seminars ONLINE to give you the ultimate experience!!

She covers topics such as

  1. Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Metabolism 

  2. Immune Boosting Foods

  3. Food Anxiety- What To Do If you Fall Victim

  4. Understanding Inner Health

  5. Supplementation 

  6. Plus Much More + A Live Q & A with Lara 

Upcoming seminars


Stay Well

Saturday, 29th August 2020  |  12PM   |   Online Seminar

This incredible seminar includes; simple and effective ways to boost metabolism, immune boosting foods, food anxiety (what to do if you fall victim), understanding inner health and supplementation and much more! Plus a live Q & A with Lara 

VIP and basic package available 


1 hour seminar 


1 hour seminar 

FREE - Bulk Nutrients voucher ($25)

FREE - Cardio Blaster program

NEW Seminar coming in September

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