I have been so lucky to mentor as many people on their fitness and nutrition journeys as I have.
Have a look at the incredible results just some of my clients have been able to achieve!


"Before Lara, I was binging, training 6 times a week and not seeing results because of nutrition.

Through purchasing the ultimate package, Lara built me an amazing meal plan, which I love and was able to follow easily. It took all the stress away, which is exactly what I needed.

Lara’s support each week has been incredible and a huge reason why I was able to get the results I did.

I cannot thank Lara enough and would highly recommend anyone needing help with nutrition to purchase the ultimate package. I only wish I did it sooner “

“I started my nutrition journey around 6 months ago with Lara 

At the time I was eating wrong portion sizes and quantities. I was exercising a lot & nothing was changing 

Since day 1 of starting with Lara, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. 

I have found something that works and her methods are something I can stick to long term
These meal plans and recipes are something you can easily stick to as the food is awesome

Definitely recommend Lara, she has helped change my life”

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“Since I have been with Lara ,she has literally changed my life. I thought the only way to lose weight was to be on 1000 calories...

She has been patient, kind, educational, not only a great nutritionist with her easy and tasty recipes! 

If you want someone in your corner, Lara is your gal, she is honest and has your best interest at heart 

The ultimate package has not only allowed me support and the motivation that I needed to make the next step in my nutrition goals. 

I feel stronger than ever, fitter than ever

I can't thank you enough Lara you have changed my outlook on nutrition and helping me achieve my body composition goals “

“I’ve been on different meal plans over the past couple of years and lost weight and body fat but also lost muscle.

Since starting my personal meal plan I’ve dropped some weight and body fat but actually gained some muscle

Having my meal plan personalised and catered around my F45 training has worked a treat. The meals are easy to prepare and I never feel hungry."


"Lara's meals are super easy to prep and taste delicious!


I have adopted this into my lifestyle and it goes to show that her methods were the key to put me in the right direction."

“The reason I’ve been unsuccessful so many times in my fitness journey in the past is due to uncertainty of what I’m doing and lack of knowledge. 

Lara’s meal plans made me look at food very differently and appreciate the importance of a caloric deficit... 

I found that by tracking the macros of each of my meals, I was actually more determined to stay on track and maximise my results. 

Even on weekends when I’d allow myself to go for a brunch with friends or to a restaurant for dinner, I’d be a lot more conscious of what I was ordering and ensuring that no matter what I ate, tomorrow I’d forget about it and go back to being on track. 

Thanks Lara for an amazing 8 weeks!”


"Lara’s plan has been amazing! The food was always so easy to prep and prepare... And everything tasted amazing too. 

She was so helpful throughout my whole journey and if I had any questions or doubts within myself she was always there to guide me along. 

I can’t thank her enough!"

“I was looking for someone to help me get back into things as my nutrition was really lacking.


The meals were super easy and yummy and the plans were easy to follow.


Grateful to have Lara help me through the next steps to working on my nutrition” 


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